About Us

Hello there... I am sure you’ve skimmed over “About Us” sections on kids' boutique home pages that describe owners who have spent their entire lives making clothes for their children and were BEGGED to sell their designs.Maybe a girl, her sewing machine, and a gazillion-dollar idea--- now selling at a retailer near you? Unfortunately, we don’t fit either bill.  We just know we LOVE seeing our kiddos excited about princesses or holidays, back to school or beach trips and the PERFECT outfit is icing on the cake! We make that icing.

My Darling Bee is a tiny, family-owned business, sitting right outside of Charlotte, NC, with the goal to bring you unique children’s clothing with unbeatable quality. Made up of a grandmother, mothers, sisters, cousins... our team combines talent, hard-work and faith to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your babies.We’ll handpick gorgeous fabrics, delicate trims, and make accessories that you will be excited to wrap your little darling in. It's all made right here by us in North Carolina. We have so many precious designs to bring to you. Please look around and visit often. We can’t wait to make your babies beautiful!